🖧 Programs

📚 Textbook and Supplies sharing

More information coming soon.

👨‍💻 Undergraduate CS Capstone sponsoring

We are considering sponsoring ideas that students can use after the capstone project is completed, as a way of promoting the CS GSO among students and the larger open source community. More information coming soon.

CS Capstone Project Proposals and Ideas

All PSU students, faculty and staff are welcome to add proposals and ideas or turn an existing idea into a proposal. See the existing ideas, past CS capstone projects (bottom of link) and links below for inspiration. Remember, we are looking for ideas that students can use after the capstone project is completed.

CS GSO members – please add yourself as a sponsor one or more of the existing proposals. Proposals need at least two sponsors before we can summit them.

General open source project ideas, some of which we could sponsor for the CS capstone:

Open Source Student Network

We are considering joining. More information coming soon.

💻 Major League Hacking

We are considering becoming a member and hosting a Hackathon. More information coming soon.

🖥️ Distributed Computing promotion

Donate your idle computer time to power scientific research in:

🖧 Please Sign our Petition for CAT to Donate the Idle Computer time on there Lab Computers to a Distributed Computing Project

Petition by iPetitions

We are working with the PSU Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to petition CAT to run Prime95/MPrime on the CAT managed lab computers when they are not otherwise being used and using any proceeds to fund our future programs and events. If successful, we could also work with OIT to do the same on the OIT managed lab computers. For more information see here.

More programs coming soon.